Process driven incident response and protective monitoring of your digital and Cloud assets.

Mitigate Cyber Security Risk

Disruption to operations for any business is the biggest potential consequence of any cyber-attack, yet despite this awareness many companies are at risk of cyber attack and remain unprepared to deal with them.

54% of 9500 executives surveyed across 122 countries do not have an incident response process

Cogenesis’ monitoring and incident response service enables businesses to take control. By leveraging our team of analysts we can quickly improve compliance, reduce and meet rapidly evolving security challenges.

Keep Your Business Moving

Cogenesis analysts work as an extension of your team as we monitor, perform mitigation response and apply corrective maintenance. We overlay our with context-specific commercial tools, threat intelligence and advanced machine Learning for rapid detection and response to vulnerabilities.

What our SOC service can provide you:

  • Rapid Detection and Response
  • Stay Ahead of the Threats
  • Simplify Compliance
  • Reduced Risk Associated with a Cyber Attack

“Many organisations need to evaluate their digital risk and focus on building resilience for the inevitable" - Sean Joyce, Cybersecurity and Privacy leader PWC