We Can Deploy a Scalable Onsite Support Team so You Have the Right Resources at the Right Time.

What is a Team as a Service?

Cogenesis’ Team as a Service is a flexible to approach to staffing your internal IT team that enables you to deliver a trained onsite support team to your organisation. We can provide trained personnel to meet your current requirements, and enable you to scale up or down depending on the work load.

You can build a team of onsite resources:

  • IT Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Senior Engineers
  • Desktop Support Engineers
  • Service Desk personnel
  • Application specialists
  • Security Specialists
  • Change Managers
  • Vendor Managers

Scale & Save With the Right Resources

Technology is rapidly changing as is the landscape in which business operates today. Both macro and micro economic factors are creating increasing demands on IT to deliver solutions that are highly collaborative, secure, mobile and innovative.

Organisations need alignment between the IT and business and one of the challenges organisations face is hiring and retaining the right personnel to achieve this in a consistent manner. An under resourced or over provisioned team is a significant cost and risk to your businesses.

Team as a Service is the contemporary approach to delivering technology solutions and support that fit with your current and future business demands.

Save Cost, Increase Expertise

Trained Personnel

Certified industry experts that are handpicked for your environment.

Insight for Innovation

Our team have deployed solutions that work in your industry.


If you have an upcoming project or promotion, you can scale up and scale down when you need.

We Take Care of HR

We take care of all HR matters and administration. You just get one monthly invoice.

Procurement Included

We can procure hardware and software.

Integrate With Your Team

We can deploy specialists for a project that work with your existing IT Manager and team.

Qualified Specialists

We deploy specialists when you need them.

Guaranteed Coverage

We guarantee coverage. If a team member is sick, we have trained staff ready to go at no extra cost.

Leverage of a Pool of Knowledge

Your onsite team is also backed up by an entire company of technical experts.