We develop IT strategy plans to help you realise your business goals.

Is IT Delivering Your Business the Value You Expect?

Today, technology has become a central component to the operations of any organisation and it is increasingly vital to its success. Too often organisations are failing to implement the right IT solution and strategy to support their business, resulting in an investment in technology that that do not support the business goals.

The following are signs you may need to consider reviewing your approach to IT strategy building:

  • IT is responsive or ad-hoc in nature
  • IT cost per user is high when benchmarked against your industry
  • The business does not have the right tools to achieve outcomes
  • Contributions from IT and technology are not measureable
  • Resources are constrained
  • Service delivery is not meeting the expected business standards
  • Business lacks insight into new and disruptive technologies

Traditional approaches to IT strategy building have failed. Traditional approaches to IT strategy planning have limited the technology effectiveness in organisations.

Business Goals & System Plans Need to Align

IT strategy planning is becoming a shared responsibility. The traditional approach of implementing an IT strategy that is reactive to the business can result in the wrong systems being implemented, or unnecessary technology challenges inhibiting business outcomes.

Technologies Are Rapidly Changing

Existing long term IT plans have failed to address the rate of technology evolution today. How can executives plan when technology is changing so rapidly? The planning process should form a best-available vision of the future on which to base current decisions; then technology should be monitored and plans altered incrementally to ensure alignment remains with the business strategy. A great example of this is the changing approach to IT security and disaster recovery in response to ransomware.

Portfolios Rather Than Projects

Existing project development approaches have a history of creating systems that are not compatible with each other. A portfolio approach evaluates projects on more than individual merits, ensure fit to business goals is maintained, while improving integration between technologies.

Infrastructure Development is Difficult to Fund

Historically business have faced continued succession of IT infrastructure investment every few years. The challenge today is adopt the right applications and infrastructure that improve over time and can integrate with future systems. Cloud technology has certainly helped in this area.

How can we help you?

At Cogenesis we believe that in order for IT to deliver business value, it must be closely linked with your business strategy. 

Traditional long term IT plans do not work today. 

By closely engaging with stakeholders, our aim is to help you create an IT strategy that aligns to your business strategy through adopting agile approaches, addressing short to medium term challenges without locking you in to inflexible technical solutions.