A cloud hosted, cost-effective Windows 10 desktop experience, anywhere, on any device.

A New Way of Working

The challenges of the world we now face together means remote workforce capabilities is not just a temporary change, but a permanent and paramount feature of any modern business operation. Work From Home (WFH) requires greater agility and flexibility to deliver business applications and data to staff. This also comes with additional challenges of support, security, compliance, governance and performance. 

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) on Azure with Microsoft 365 is a comprehensive, integrated, and secure solution to deliver Windows 10 desktop environment and applications to any end-user device whether it be Mac, Windows, iOS, Android or web-browser. 

Share Resources to Keep Costs Down

You don’t need a Windows Virtual Desktop for each user. Multi-session capabilities means we can deliver a full high-performing Windows 10 experience to end-users in a cost-effective manner by efficiently leveraging Azure resources and easily scaling when the demand is there. 

Who Can Benefit From Windows Virtual Desktop?

Windows Virtual Desktop Windows Virtual Desktop Windows Virtual Desktop Windows Virtual Desktop
Security & Regulation Elastic Workforce Specific Employees Specialised Workloads
Financial Services
Mergers & Acquisition
Short Term Employees
Contractor Access
Building Sites
BYOD & Mobile
Call Centres
Branch Workers
Site Workers
Design & Engineering
Legacy Apps
Software Dev Testing

Productivity & Performance Meets Security & Compliance

A Windows Virtual Desktop environment enables you to securely deliver the required solutions to your end-users wherever they are working from independent of hardware, or even network at home. Centralisation puts you back in control without impacting the end-user experience, and even enhancing performance.

Windows Virtual Desktop can help your business:

  • Meet compliance and regulation through data integrity benefits. Know where your data is at all times
  • Reduce risk and increase reliability with backup of your centralised WVD solution
  • Enhance Security and workload mobility with Azure and Microsoft 365 integrated security solutions including single sign-on and multi-factor authentication, identity management, threat protection, and data-loss prevention policies
  • Agility to quickly scale and load balance in uncertain times
  • Save cost with multi-session desktops and utilising Microsoft 365 licensing and software. In addition, save on hardware replacement costs and lifecycles.
  • Simplify management and reporting
  • Deliver a range of virtual desktops in one environment to fit your business such as basic, power user, intensive data processing and graphics users with dedicated GPU
  • Improve Performance to Microsoft 365, Sharepoint, OneDrive, Azure services, and multimedia redirection for the best Teams audio and video experience 

Cogenesis is Ready to Deliver

With proven projects under our belt, Cogenesis has the experience to deliver a Windows Virtual Desktop solution to your business, on time and on budget. Contact us today.