Technical Staff to Plan, Relocate and Reconfigure Your It Equipment, and Have You up and Running in Your New Office.

Planning Makes Perfect

Relocating your office and IT equipment can be a very stressful change for any organisation. Cogenesis have years of experience successfully relocating clients, and adopt a project approach to ensure it all goes smoothly.

To make things easy you will be appointed an experienced Project Manager who will be your single point of contact and work with you and your vendors to ensure it all goes smoothly.

We will audit both the old and new premises, document, assess any risks and engage with the required vendors to ensure everything is in place for the relocation day. Planning makes perfect. On the relocation day our team of specialists will ensure your equipment is safely decommissioned, transported, reconfigured and ready to operate at your new office.

How We Can help

  • Project Manager - We will provide a single point of contact
  • Vendor Management - Engaging directly with your vendors directly. These include your ISP, phone provider and fitout team
  • IT Infrastructure Removal - Removal of server and networking equipment
  • Site Assessment - Assess the site for cabling, cabinet and approach to wireless
  • Technical Staff - Technical staff working with your critical technology
  • Desktop & Workstation Setup - Neatly setup workstations in the new office.
  • Hardware Procurement: We will acquire any new hardware for you such as server cabinet, monitor arms, cabling
  • Network Cabling - Installation and testing of network cabling
  • Backup - Ensuring you have a backup before
  • Cabinet / Rack install - We will fit and install your new communications cabinet or server rack
  • Post Support - Our team will be there to make sure your staff are able to work