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At Cogenesis, we believe in a proactive approach to managing the IT services and systems that we are responsible for. 

The foundation upon which this operates is a pro-actively managed maintenance program for all IT systems.

Systems performance on your terms

We use industry-leading management tools to remotely monitor all critical components of your IT infrastructure on a regular basis.  

We also deploy remote agents that constantly check pre-determined system variables and are configured to send notifications to our expert engineers when key events occur.

By adopting a proactive approach to systems maintenance, we are able to address and rectify issues before they are able to affect your users.  This has the added benefit that we spend less time performing expensive, critical remedial work and more on value-adding, systems optimisation.

If your IT systems are not currently being pro-actively maintained, your IT experience is most likely, a bad one: slow performance, random errors (usually accompanied by random fixes), constant restarts or worse, systems failures that result in significant downtime for you and your staff.

Call Cogenesis now to arrange an initial systems diagnosis, from which a suitable pro-active maintenance program can be implemented.

“Working with Cogenesis has taken the IT headaches away! The friendly and supportive culture really is a great point of difference compared to other IT services providers in the market..”
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