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Winners Circle

Where a company's website is a central part of the business, development work needs to be carried out within the bigger picture - taking into account how the various business systems interact and how they are used by staff.

Specialist hospitality firm Winners Circle manages its business operations through a comprehensive intranet / extranet system that links to the accounting and payroll systems. As such, Winners Circle sought a reliable partner who could demonstrate a high level of knowledge and experience to provide the complex, ongoing development and technical support required.

As well as working with Winners Circle to suggest and implement ongoing improvements to the system and business processes, we have taken over the ongoing technical support for the site, responding to and addressing operational issues and queries on a continual basis.  We were also a vital partner in the merging of back of house gaming machine management software into a larger scale reporting and marketing application which required significant and complex changes.

"All developmental work that you carried out on our systems has been of a very high standard. Your advice and suggestions have proved very beneficial to the on-going integration of our website and office systems."
 John Stathis of Winners Circle, Sydney. 

eBet Gaming Systems

eBet Gaming Systems develops and markets software and systems designed to facilitate the management of slot machine networks, offering player loyalty and tracking systems, cashless gaming products with both mag-stripe and smart-card technology and back-office productivity tools for pubs, clubs and casinos operating electronic gaming machines.

Cogenesis was presented with the senario of how to migrate customer sites from the Aristocrat based Computa Game system to the newer eBET Microsoft SQL driven gaming system. A migration tracking database was designed and customised to meet eBet's requirements, ensuring the system was responsive, flexible, clear and effective tool when operating the migration progress. The finished tool imports migration information from a disperate and complex data sources which incorporates reveue, player history and tracking information as well as business rules used to validate and process the data.

The completed system was easy to use, secure and able to manage large amounts of information. The project was finished well ahead of schedule and the detailed summary and reporting features enabled efficient monitoring of the migration progress.

"You guys are awesome. If this is how you operate it's no wonder you are in demand!  Good business practice here, guys."
Alex Parle Lead Developer eBet Gaming Systems Australia.


Aristocrat Technologies Australia specialises in the creation and supply of quality gaming products to meet thei customers' requirements and standards. This in turn ensures the delivery of an exciting and unique gaming experience to players worldwide. Our services and solutions to compliment our products are unmatched.

We've worked closely with Aristocrat to develop specialised reporting modules for some of their applications that enable customers to produce reports that enable them to market to their customer base more effectively

Most user interfaces have been developed using VB and VB.NET. These provide rapid development, easy integration with other Office products (Excel and Word) and straight-forward deployment. Systems have to be easily navigable, provide input validation, include user-group security levels. Reporting is frequently complex, requiring the selection of complicated criteria.

"Reporting is clearing more efficient now and able to be more methodical in manner."
David Hadley, Senior Systems Analyst at Aristocrat, North Ryde.

“Working with Cogenesis has taken the IT headaches away! The friendly and supportive culture really is a great point of difference compared to other IT services providers in the market..”
Lion Nathan Business Solutions

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