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With the commoditisation of IT, much IT software and equipment is able to be up-and-running much more quickly.  However, an IT system that performs satisfactorily ‘out-of-the-box’ will require further analysis and configuration if it is to maintain satisfactory performance, especially in a multi-user business environment.

Ensuring that your IT performs the way it is supposed to

Cogenesis can analyse your existing IT systems and report on whether they have been configured to industry best practice. By adhering to best practice configurations, your IT systems will run more smoothly, experience less unexpected problems and be significantly easier to customise for future business challenges.

Cogenesis’ knowledge of best practice comes from the wealth of accumulated experience of our dedicated consultants and engineers. This translates to an assessment of your IT systems based on what we have seen and what we know works, as opposed to what is supposed to work.

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